Ross County cheat Alex Schalke has accepted his charge of simulation against Celtic at the weekend from the SFA compliance officer.

The club and player were notified of the charge and were given the option of a two-match ban or to make their case on April 27th.

The Ross County manager Jim McIntyre said an ‘upset’ Alex Schalke would not contest any ban and that he was sorry that he did it.

Jim said “Alex knows he was wrong, there was no contact and he’s came and apologised to me personally”

Although Jim was quick to say the player had never been penalised for diving before.

I wonder if the player has contacted anyone at Celtic to express his regret.

While Celtic are already Champions and his blatant simulation didn’t affect Brendan Rodgers side too much, the point County has gained because of it could prove pivotal in their survival during the run in.

Still no comment about Don Robertson and his hand in all this as he prepares to help officiate Celtic’s Sunday semi-final.




  1. I am not upset that he took a dive. I am ferkin livid because the referee and linesman could not aweard that penalty quick enough

  2. So everyone walks off into the setting sun, apparently satisfied that justice has been served. True justice would see Ross County lose what they gained from cheating, that would be the cancelation of the goal derived from the cheating dive, and the result registered as a 2-1 win for Celtic. A two match ban for the perpetrator does not properly address the issue, what if a place in Europe was at stake, or Ross County escape relegation based on that result, what would the team consigned to relegation feel ?

  3. he has apologised ? What about the working men who had a bet on Celtic to win he hasn’t just cheated Celtic he has cheated a lot of people out of a lot of money they say it’s part of the game now but it should be stamped out as soon as possible .. I don’t agree with video refs but in this day and age when millions are being gambled and there is so much at stake for clubs it might be the only way to go

    • Kevbhoy..

      Fully agree with you there mate.. Millions was saved by the bookies in this blatant act of cheating.. Ah sure Ladbrokes sponsor the SPL (wink wink).. Makes ya wonder with half of the amazing decisions lately.

      • It was a terrible terrible decision I heard last night the ref involved is going to be one of the officials behind the goal line in this game on Sunday.. if that happens it’s a joke .. I like to look at the positives and I hope Brendan Rodgers has used it to get the players backs up .. the league is in the bag so maybe needed something like this to keep the bhoys on their toes but again to make sure sporting integrity is insured shalk should have been banned for a lot longer .. if that was any other sport and any sportsman was found guilty of cheating the bans are more severe .. why not in football ?

  4. The only way to cut this kind of thing out is to ban him for 10 games fine him and the club, as soon as the clubs are hit financially they’ll soon put a stop to it. As for this crap that it’s all part of the game it’s not it’s blatant cheating.

    • This is exactly right StevieBhoy.
      As far as I an concerned it was cheating and they got away with it.
      Any punishment MUST act as a deterrent to both club and player. A two game ban is nothing. I totally agree with you about the fins.
      What do the SFA do? The answer is in their initials. If they were serious then they would act seriously.
      As for the referee. The question he should be asked is “What did you actually see that made you award the penalty?”. Not – “What did you think you saw?”, but what did you ACTUALLY SEE?
      You have to be 100% sure before you give a decision.
      Has the referee or the player apologised to Celtic, or to the punters who lost at the bookies. One punter lost £800 on an accumulator that went down on this one result.

    • I agree. But the only problem there is I suspect the SFA would become even more corrupt and start “creating” penalties and imposing them on us at every opportunity. They don’t need any ideas on how they can make the gap between us and their new establishment club smaller! I don’t trust the cheats at the SFA, and until there is a total flushing out of their personnel with replacements of nuetral persuasion I never will.

  5. I am an ex senior Ref/Linesman. There is nothing to prove that Robertson didn’t say to the player ‘ Get in the box and go down and I’ll give yous a penalty’ Can’t obviously prove it but it has happened. He could not give that penalty quickly enough and looked no where else for help. It’s beyond honest mistakes now, it’s happening too often. Collum with his back to play awarding rangers a penalty against Celtic, no way could he give that by what he saw, he went with the shout of the crowd and was happy to award it. It’s not only happened to Celtic, other teams have suffered due to bias or incompetence from match officials. One game I was involved in the ref said before we went out, ‘if Souness even looks at you the wrong way , get me over and he’s off, I hate the bas…d. so it goes all ways. Let’s see how the semi final goes, fireworks or a damp squib …

    • Too late! He is sorry be ause it was more obvious than he thought it was going to be and he was caught. The guy is a cheat. Rodgers nailed it. There is no other name for this. He is a cheat.

  6. A wee question:
    Can anybody remember any decision like this given against Lite or Oldco at Ibrox? Thought not.
    I wonder why!

    • I cannot for the death of me mind where ii read this .. but it was many years ago during the oldcos tainted nine in a row .. but it was to win the league at snake mountain and it was rangers against partick thistle I think .. but richard gough gave away a stonewall penalty and yhe ref played on … a few months afterwards he was talking to a few rangers fans and the topic came up .. the ref said .. it was title day and party time at ibrox there was no way i was given that .. Celtic have had from top to bottom through the years been playing against the odds .. That Jorge cadete transfer getting held up is still something that rankles me .. and the orcs still like to laugh and say always cheated never defeated .. I wonder why Celtic fans think this lol


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