Last night we equaled our worst defeat at home in the UEFA champions league. Normally I would be venting my frustration at the team over articles & various different social networking sites for the next several days. However I have realized that a night like last night  was coming after we lost to Barcelona.

Many people can blame zonal marking, Scott Browns red card or various injuries for our failure in the champions league this season. But the fact is we simply aren’t good enough to be in this competition. Not everyone in the squad falls under the category of not being good enough. Van Dijk, Forster & Lustig in my opinion have all proven themselves at this level. But for the rest of the squad they have been shown up as players who massively over performed last year.

So if you can’t blame the men on the park what about the dugout? Lennon will & has received a fair bit of flack for our performance in the Champions League this season. But is it really his fault? The man can only do so much with what he has. He has been handcuffed with his 3 best players leaving the club. Leaving him with really average players in a competition that they are going to be punished in!

Finally the only person left to blame is Peter Lawwell. Often the whipping boy when fans feel they have been let down by the team. “Sack the board!” is normally the war cry of these fans. But for me Lawwell does not have this “Biscuit tin” mentality but like Lennon is handcuffed with what he can do. We shout that he should be giving the manger money to bring in proven players. But guess what proven players don’t wan’t to play in Scotland. Any player who is worth something doesn’t wan’t to play in Scotland even with 6 champions league games being dangled in front of  them Alfreð Finnbogason being the most recent player to state this.

So instead of looking for someone to blame can we all just accept that the club is handcuffed with what they can do. In terms of the champions league we will always be in average club who will have the odd season of brilliance. The quicker we all accept this the more we can appreciate just being involved in the Champions League.

– @AidanRitchie27


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