Can THIS Celtic team beat Milan?….I have my doubts.

Doubts that will slowly evaporate as I walk closer to the stadium tonight. My trepidation will turn to passion and my heart will rule my head, but on such nights at Celtic Park you wouldn’t bet against my heart being right.

Celtic welcome Milan to Paradise in a match that will shape both these teams season.

The news of the conflict going on at Milan will give Neil Lennon no crumbs of comfort as he looks to gain victory of the Rossoneri. The Italian side have their problems but make no mistake about it, they will be up for this game.

It’s Celtic’s job to keep them quiet and it’s our jobs to inspire them to do that.

On a night like this at Celtic Park the roar from the crowd is deafening, cheering a corner as if the ball has hit the back of the net already, and bhoy if that ball does hit the back of the net the whole of Glasgow will know about it!

There is nowhere on earth I would rather be tonight.






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