In what has to be the most bizarre thing we’ve seen when it comes to COVID rules in football, it appears while we can’t go in small numbers to a 60,000 seater stadium or even go watch the Glasgow Derby at a friends – you CAN watch the Merseyside Derby with another household in a Glasgow cinema.

We have to balance the virus very carefully and how we got about our business. However, the sense that Celtic Park is closed but we could go watch a football game happening down south in an enclosed cinema, is just a bit daft.

The bars are closed and we’ve been told to stay at home to make sure we don’t pass on the virus, but again, we can go to the cinema.

Celtic take on their Glasgow rivals in the first derby of the season. It promises to be an unforgettable affair given the backdrop to the game will be so different.

At some point, we need to be open to the possibility of getting some fans back inside stadiums. Brining in a 30% capacity with socially distancing measures in an outdoor venue has to be low risk.

Some fans have had their say.


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