There has has been much made of the Celtic Park kiosks over the years with fans getting involved to try and up the matchday experience and urge Celtic to serve up something more palatable.

However, if you frequently visit Celtic Park you will know the same old frailties are still there when it comes to the food department.

Case and point – the burger which was served up to a Celtic fan yesterday looked absolutely disgusting.

This prompted more fans to chime in with their horror stories of matchday scran with the same complaints over and over again.

Flat and warm juice, terrible tasting hot drinks, burnt and jaw shattering pies – the list goes on and on.

Celtic fans aren’t expecting a five star dining experience when they head to watch the club they love but surely we can do better than what’s currently on offer.

The only saving grace is the very few Pizza stands that serve up personal pizza’s but that will set you back five quid.

You can’t even pay by card at the kiosks which is another big issue but I suppose it will save some from buying one of those burgers!