Over the last few days I have found my attention drawn to the Scottish print media, in particular the “Red tops” this in itself is somewhat of a surprise given that I don’t buy the papers and rarely find any of what they write in their “unbiased” “journalism” worthy of reading.

However in these latest instances I have found myself (not for the first time) not only miffed by the poor standard of people who hold the most prominent roles in the MSM in Scotland but by the trivialisation of what in any other circumstance would be treated as a very serious incident.

A man being knocked unconscious in the street, regardless of who he is should be unacceptable in any modern city. Glasgow is no different in this respect.

However, Scotland’s most popular newspapers feel that the fact that Lukasz Zaluska wears a Celtic top to his day job means that it is acceptable to make his ordeal a laughing matter with headlines such as “bashed in lane” “goal keeker” “peek a bruise” and the like. I’m sure if a print journalist was beaten in the street you’d be hard pushed to find the headline “hack cracked” on the front page of any of these papers, though that is neither here nor there.

Whether or not this is an attempt to play to a target audience of these papers as I have seen suggested might find it funny that a Celtic player has been given a black eye, I don’t know but the fact remains that this type of reporting is completely devoid of respect or empathy and this is representative of our society as a whole not just a “target audience”.

As I mentioned earlier this is clearly not a new thing yet people continue to buy these papers religiously. I understand that there may not many alternatives to paper readily available but the only way things will change is if people stop buying them.

Take a stand, Don’t Buy The Record or The Sun.

James Murphy