ANGE POSTECOGLOU has today confirmed Celtic will NOT be signing Riley McGree after the player looked all set to join the Hoops.

The attacking midfielder is heading to Middlesbrough after the English club placed a late big with much better terms than Celtic offered.

It’s a blow to Ange’s transfer plans but we need players who are all in with the manager and what he’s trying to do.

Football is a fleeting career and we understand cash is king for a lot of players.

You do get players who will bet on themselves, come to Celtic, learn, win things and then go make serious money down south.

You have others who want the money upfront and while we as Celtic fans can’t quite wrap our heads around this at times – it’s just part of football.

The manager also delivered an update on Jota’s permanent transfer claiming there was nothing significant to talk about but things were going on in the background.

Jota has returned to full training this week after being out injured in December, missing the League Cup final and a whole host of games.


  1. Since when is 20 grand a week not serious money? Over 1 million a year. It would take about 20 years, more actually, for even well paid people to earn this. I think it is important the rest of us who live in the real world refuse to get sucked into this nonsense that any person should be paid millions a year for playing fitba. It is obscene and morally reprehensible.


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