CeltsAreHere in discussion with Ange earlier this season

ANGE POSTECOGLOU was concerned for his players welfare when his side took on Alloa in the Scottish Cup so much so he had to tell his players not to put themselves at risk.

Speaking at today’s presser, Postecoglou shared the worrying comments in response to 20 Minute Tims’ question;

“I’ll be honest, I told some of the lads towards the end of the game to just not bother going into tackles and to just look after themselves because I didn’t want any more injuries.

“I just didn’t feel that there was control of that environment.”

Watching the game, it was clear Don Robertson had no control over the game whatsoever. Many challenges went without caution and a leg-breaking tackle, an obvious sending-off, was not dealt with appropriately.

This is now a common occurrence, refereeing performances have never been great in Scotland, but this season in particular they seem substandard. There is a genuine argument to bring foreign referees into the country because the ones already here are extremely poor.

Bringing VAR into Scotland would help with key decisions, like the challenge on Ideguchi, but it would still be the same group of referees managing the technology.

Rightly, retrospective action will be taken on the player, however, this does not serve the same sense of punishment as a sending-off should give. Alloa was allowed to complete the 90 minutes with 11 players on the park and will start their next game with all 11. The retrospective action is not enough.


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