Ange Postecoglou has been speaking about the driving force behind Celtic’s recruitment drive in January by praising the our new permanent chief executive Michael Nicholson.

Ange believes both he and Nicholson’s visions are aligned and they’re singing from the same hymn sheet ahead of the window.

What’s more exciting — Ange revealed how long the club have been working on this window. The Celtic manager made it clear plans have been in place for quite some time and how the first half of the season went had no bearing on their prep for January.

Speaking to RecordSport, Postecoglou said:

“We’ve been working really hard on this window for quite a while.

“We knew it would be a crucial one and it is not an easy one, to be fair, the January window. It’s not one where you really want to do too much because there is sometimes a desperation around it in terms of the business.

Ange celebrates his first Celtic trophy win.

“So, we set our task early on that, irrespective of how the first half of the year went, we knew what targets we wanted. We knew what kind of players.

“And Michael Nicholson has been the driving force behind it.

“Because, as you can appreciate with the games we have had, I had to focus on making sure that we were competitive on the field.

“He’s taken the lead on that and he’s working awfully hard in the background to make sure we get what we need done.”

Ange thinks Celtic are in a good place because of Michael and him being on the same page. He realises it’s not always going to be the case — but for now — the main players behind the scene are pulling in the same direction.

“That is because our visions are aligned.

Celtic’s new chief executive, Michael Nicholson

“It’s not always the way and there may be times in the future where, whatever my vision is, it’s at odds with Michael.

“But, you know, if there is reasoning behind it, then I am comfortable with that, as well. That’s the key.

“I have good and open discussions with Michael and for both of us it’s about this football club.

“It’s not about ourselves, personally. It’s about what we think is going to be the right fit for this club. As long as that’s aligned, things run a lot more smoothly.

“As I said, he’s worked awfully hard this last couple of months as we knew the January window was going to be important to make sure we get what we need done.”

Celtic need to make sure they have more squad depth. The drop off in quality between Ange’s preferred starting XI and our fringe players is quite wide.

The lads did well against St Johnstone and credit to them. However, we badly need quality reinforcements. If they’ve been working on this window for a long time — I’d expect deals to be done pretty quickly in January.


  1. Give Ange the money to do the job let him bring in players he sees fit to play a major roll in his team let him make his mark and take us to where we want to be,but make sure we got Ange on a long term deal…


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