Legia’s Champions League appeal was heard this morning at UEFA after a week long campaign attacking Celtic for their own screw up.

UEFA panel will now look at the appeal in full and deliver their verdict either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Time is of the essence with this appeal as Celtic are due to face Maribor in the play-offs next week.

Last night a huge hole in Legia’s appeal was laid bare when it was discovered that the club had actually spoke about the suspended player before the tie at Murrayfield. The hierarchy at Warsaw assured the management that everything was fine.

In light of that evidence the Polish FA chief Boniek was quite critical about Legia’s role in this farce.

“The guilt does not lie with UEFA or Celtic but with Legia. The people who are responsible for it have turned out to be completely incompetent. As the head of the Polish FA I would always try to help Legia or any other Polish team.” said Boniek

I called, I asked, I got strongly involved but the provisions for which Legia were punished left no doubt. It had to be a walkover.

If Legia are not successful they can take their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport but that appeal could take far longer and the Champions League could possibly proceed without their verdict.

We await UEFA’s decision.



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