DEDRYCK BOYATA posted a rather cryptic video on Instagram on Tuesday evening.

The Celtic defender put a video on his story of him watching Dragon Ball Z but swiftly panned by a contract at his table with a pen sitting on top of the paperwork.

The Belgian defender also posted a contract emoji with the video as he panned to the TV screen.

Many have been hoping Dedryck will sign a new deal with Celtic, is this proof there is literally a deal still on the table or was the player signing an endorsement contract of some sort?

The player is not allowed to sign any deal with another club until January so it wouldn’t be for signing anywhere else at the moment. However, this also could be some sort of course work for the 28-year-old. We’re hoping it’s the contract though!

The big defender could just be on the wind up.

Brendan Rodgers spoke yesterday about Boyata earning the right to look at all his options with this contract perhaps being his last ‘big’ contract in his career.

It has looked increasingly unlikely the player will stay at Celtic Park but has he got a deal he’s happy with sitting in front of him?


  1. This would be like a new signing we thought we had lost him but he came back better than ever,Dedryck Boyata is coming in to his best years and we could have him stay with us, we need to sign him up he is a big part of the team give him a five year deal….


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