From an unknown agent, of an unknown club in another universe…

Words from our Chief Executive back in the day when Old Rangers were making up fantasy pieces about transfers. Fast forward to this morning and nothing’s really changed! Well apart from the club playing out of Ibrox.

Excuse our headline but we had to gain parity with the ridiculousness of what we’re being asked to digest in the MSM.

We don’t like to single out papers and increasingly avoid their content, but today’s back page was the source of a lot of hilarity if you’re a well grounded individual living in this reality.

The headline in question suggests Rangers(Sevco, Newco, The Intelligible’s) whatever is politically correct to call them these days, are bracing themselves for a £5-7million bid for their player Barrie McKay.


Yes, the team who are struggling to rub two pennies together while languishing 19 points behind the league leaders have a player with such star potential that Leipzig cannot contain themselves. Don’t get me wrong, the player did well for 26 minutes against Celtic before normal service was resumed but if you’re a Sevco fan sitting there this morning then you surely see through this headline. Just like Celtic fans should have seen through the £20million bid for Dembele headlines.

This is off the back of a stellar week for the Record who made Peter Lawwell the back page news when former St Mirren Chairman Stuart Gilmour accused him of running Scottish football on a radio show. The ‘journo’ who wrote the piece put his twitter in lockdown after it was revealed he had made a paedophile type jibe towards Celtic fans in the past.

In short, there is nothing they won’t jump on to stay relevant and get a spike in hits and paper sales. We’re waiting on tomorrow’s back page which will probably criticise the Celtic squad for failing to win a game in 2017 – The slump part II.

While they’re doing this we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on the breaking GMS story. Can Celtic hold onto the dynamic midfielder and fend off interest from Premier League giants?

Watch this space.


  1. Sevco’s whole team is not worth 2 million and no one believes the press in Scotland today…..,”pure fantasy” my god how these rags treat THAIR readers….that must think we are all stupid

  2. Poor GMS, he’s better than the wee lad that Europe’s elite are courting….so he’s worth at least 10 million, phone Southampton, they’ll pay it..

  3. Last night they had fans on RCPI saying he was worth 9 million and better than KT? I thought those drugs had been banned!


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