CELTIC has been handed two charges alongside Linfield for last Friday’s game in the north of Ireland.

One charge, however, is astonishing.

Leigh Griffiths has been accused of provoking spectators by tying a scarf to a goal post.

When you consider these spectators just spent a whole week burning effigies and trying to be as provocative as possible on the night with their chanting and missile throwing, the very notion a scarf on a goal post could ‘provoke’ these cretins is bordering on the insane.

But then again, should we be surprised seeing as Leigh did receive a yellow card from a UEFA official for having a glass bottle thrown at him. That yellow card has resulted in our second charge by UEFA. Utterly ridiculous.

Here is the full charge below for both sides:

Disciplinary proceedings have been opened following the UEFA Champions League second round qualifying first leg match between Linfield FC and Celtic FC (0-2), played on 14 July in Northern Ireland.

Charges against Linfield FC:

• Throwing of objects – Art. 16 (2) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (DR)
• Field invasion by supporters – Art. 16 (2) DR

Charges against Celtic FC:

• Player Leigh Griffiths – provoking spectators (after the end of the match) – Art. 15 (1) (a) DR
• Improper conduct of the team (5 cards or more)  – Art. 15 (4) DR

This case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on 20 July


    • Griffiths is an adult and should act accordingly. Brendan needs to bring him to heel and stamp out his puerile antics. There is no way the Club can accept his behaviour. Stupid Leigh grow up.

      • get a grip Jarlo if thats ur real name the bhoy was provoked all thru the game am 75 and i will STAND by any celtic player like a true celtic fan should do my uncle played for belfast celtic who were put out of the game by the same antics as this linfield they SHOULD BE BANNED from europe for 10 years reason sectarinan and racist comments
        there was also a belfast celtic player who had 2 broken legs with this same lot LINfield fans so ALL TRUE CELTIC FANS GET BEHIND OUR TEAM AND PLAYERS AND SHUT THESE IDIOTS UP ONCE AND FOR ALL AS FOR THAT REF HE NEEDS DISbarred from all football lets look at the bottle incident supposing leigh left it where it was and a linfield defender came out to tackle a celtic player stood on the bottle fell awkwardly and broke his ankle who would u blame then

  1. Not surprised at the charge re scarf tying to be honest. I don’t particularly agree with it, but I’m not surprised that it happened.

    The second one, while on the face of it, is an absolute joke, is something that opens up a can of worms for Uefa, and for that, I’m pretty content that this has occurred. It now means that Celtic can challenge Griff’s yellow from within the disciplinary procedure and will shine a spotlight on the referee’s actions.

    • 100% agree Pablo. The yellow in itself cannot be challenged by rule, but the improper conduct charge can and will be addressed by the club, and for UEFA to uphold the charge they will have to explicitly defend their official and his decision to issue that yellow in the first place. Personally, I can’t see UEFA defending that, especially since they issued Linfield a charge over the exact same incident. And by the way, the charge against Celtic (5 yellows) is automatically charged and reviewed while the charge to Linfield is a discretionary one usually (but not always) based on the officials report after the match.

    • Right on Pablo. Both charges contradict each other. UNFA.IR have pissed on themselves again as usual.
      Then again just who are UNFAIR but overpaid and expensed idiots who don’t their arsenal from their elbow. It will be interesting to see just how this blows up in their face.

  2. Now we can see how the SFA and UEFA operate a ‘One Brotherhood’ operation to look after the corrupt and punish the innocent. No wonder ex-SFA hands fit smoothly into UEFA gloves – they are all at it.

  3. Tying a scarf to a goalpost after the game is finished is hardly worth a comment. UEFA ought to be asking why such a trivial incident takes on such significance when it is Linfield, would any other fans apart from rangers act like this?.

    • It was incompetent of a professional under such scrutinised circumstances to be tying a scarf to the goal posts. It was at-least inticing, and as much as I love Leigh but he’s only given the Linfeild Mob ammunition. The second charge however is all out dillusional, but as previously stated it will give Celtic grounds to spotlight the referee’s insanity! 5 – 0 in the 2nd Leg with a Griffiths hatrick is the way to go about our business! Hail Hail

      • leo u r talking rubbish the game was finished they were probably away doon the pub by then u dim wit cannot believe so called celtic fans r attacking leigh

  4. Could EUFA also look in to the shifting of the date of the game for safety reasons. It was to protect the Celtic team and their supporters from violence which regularly pollutes Northern Ireland around the 12th of July. Should EUFA not be concerned about that?.

  5. OR the very fact the Celtic fans couldn’t travel for their own safety!!! That tells a lot in itself what they are like. I agree he should have tied the scarf after all if they can’t take payback don’t dish out bottles and coins! I don’t believe he would have did it if he didn’t get booked for nothing in the first place! ?HH

  6. Disgraceful behaviour by Leigh,I specifically told him to throw it amongst the Linfield “fans” as a wee souvenir.As for the booking of Armstrong,does he not realise that the opposition are allowed to break your ankle,has he learnt nothing from Kenny Missers two footed lunge? Not good enough Tims,know your place!

    • what was disgraceful the game was finished would that have not been worse throwing amoung them he done the right thing for gods sake guys stand by our man

  7. Griffiths shouldn’t have put scarf on goalpost. I mind Graeme sourness done something similar in a Turkish derby. But the yellow card by that ref, was unbelievable.

  8. Celtic should have walked off the park in protest after the bottle and coins incident and took the 3-0 defeat they would have incurred, then on the second leg at parkhead bury this mob by beating them 5 or 6-0, it’s a joke that UEFA isn’t even rescinding the yellow card that Griffiths got for bringing the bottle to the refs attention.

  9. UEFA our a joke the Tying a scarf to a goalpost after the game is finished is hardly worth a comment. UEFA ought to be asking about the linfiield supporters with racist chants waveing SAS & parachute regiment flags hurling missiles onto the pitch.glorifying killings at a match is not true reflection of football.BIGOTS OUT UEFA.

  10. Why have they not charged Linfield with selling tickets for the game without proper control with the potential to create a major health and safety /security issue? Especially after the opposing team had rejected their tickets for those very reasons yet Linfield decided it was ok to sell them regardless.

  11. Omg
    I did not know tying a celtic scarf
    to a post is illegal.
    I though leigh was cleaning the dirty pitch. Lol
    dident know he is magician did
    Now I know why I left N ireland
    he get the bottle frum up his

    Paramilitary flags legal now
    See them fly all the time.

  12. Terry kelly
    I agree.
    To send a team like celtic to Belfast at the hight of the 12th of July
    Down right Dangerous.

    display of Demonstrous behaviour against men playing the beautiful game.
    its all they know.

  13. Let Uefa know that this will be challenged to Cas if upheld and we should sue that idiot referee for failure to protect our players would love Dermot to put up 20 million change to him and tell Uefa were to shove there 2nd rate. Competition also its time more clubs outwith the 4 big nations got together to work together for an alternative to this god Awful sham of a tournament 16 teams from 4 countries auto in leagues not the Champions League and should be challenged. As false advertising, we won the Champions Cup this isnt it its the Loads a money Cup HH

  14. I’ve just been on to UEFA .com and left a message letting them know haw moronic charging griffiths is yet they can’t seem to enforce their own fianancial fair play rules on sevco

  15. At the end off the day it’s a miscarriage off justice bottles coins thrown onto field off play not acceptable .the Hun’s should be band that’s all they no hooligans can’t take them anywhere not that u would want to scum

  16. I can’t see him putting any more scarves round posts, he will get a talking to internally about that. I can admit when one of our own is in the wrong, it could have caused something extremely serious. But also, I hope that referee, has been giving a talking to. HH

  17. Griff should not have tied scarf to post although it was funny. Linfield behaving like their head office team at ibroke .Sectarian singing, coin throwing and the usual hatred directed to Celtic players.That is the what uefa should come down very heavy on.

  18. Can’t believe you’d actually write this and opine that LG is innocent of provocation! He should not have to deal with bottles and definitely should not have been booked but tying the scarf can only provoke things in a delicate and hostile atmosphere during the week of July. Celtic players should know how to conduct themselves and any home fans would be pissed at this. Stop defending when our players fall below the level they should be at. Real legends don’t need to that nonsense.

  19. If I was paranoid I would think this is payback for our match the fine campaign which made them look like the Muppets they are ,on a world stage……

  20. Uefa are playing the game of trying to appear even-handed, by charging both teams … but it is ridiculous that they charged the player who had a bottle thrown at him.

  21. Taking everthing into consideration the only way Celtic will expand and prosper is to leave Scottish football.
    It may sound drastic but it would get us away from the corrupt SFA/SPFL and the sectarian bigoted sevco,and the way it looks now we can add UEFA to them after all they have a given a position to a fraudster in Campbell Ogilvy.I think the supporters would be happy for us to start in any league that has no connection to the hand shakers.

  22. Griffiths needs to stop behaving like a spoilt child. He did the same when rogers took him off not long ago and spat his dummy out. Earning thousands of pounds a week , he needs to just concentrate on scoring goals and stop the stupid antics of scarves to goal posts, great player but acts very immature on occasions.

  23. heres another problem theres a now a pyramid system in place where by teams out with the senior leagues can win play offs to come up like juniors etc east kilbride a brand new team narrowly lost the chance this year now my question is why was gers only dropped to third division should they have been put to the bottom of the pyramid for all the cheating they have done

  24. The answer to being hated and cheated and vilified is to behave oppositely
    Celtics success intimidates them and the cowards answer is to hate even more
    Nothing angers them more than our success on the field and that’s what Leigh should be encouraged to do
    They can’t have what we have ,they know it ,they hate it and the more we get the more they siethe and boil up in their own jealousy
    We Celtic supporters should continue to behave in the tradition of our club
    We have no need to protest Our history reflects this Our behaviour is noted particularly overseas
    We are known in Europe as a friendly club
    Lets all keep it that way

  25. Griffths was acting like a bone-headed schoolboy. Celtic players should always act in a mature manner. This was a “jolly jape” worthy of a Bullingdon boy. Stupid.

  26. Those that think that Leigh was in the wrong tying a scarf to a goal post in a stadium that was empty, C”mon lets think, Who did this physically hurt, If only Goal Posts could talk, I Love Leigh Griffiths Leigh is a true professional and thank F”ck we have him, These negative comments by Celtic Supporters against the wee man is bang out of order [UEFA/SFA] These morons are out of order, Their are people that want to see Leigh Griffiths leave the club and supporters he loves, Instead of all this negativity we should [ALL] Be getting behind Leigh and supporting him all the way, The Celtic Way 150 per cent, I Hope that the club are behind him and give Leigh the support, I Am going to mention things that the other lot get up-to like singing songs like up-to our knees in [Fenian Blood], F”ck The Pope, building bonfires with Effigies of our holy father the pope Green White Gold Tri-Colors, Singing songs about Bobby Sands [God Rest His Soul] And other Evil Vile Sick & Disgusting Sectarian Abuse [AND NOTHING GETS DONE] You really want to put our wee Leigh Griffiths over the coals and for what [TYING A CELTIC SCARF TO A F”CKNG GOALPOST.]


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