Brendan Rodgers has chosen to look beyond the immediate pressures of the title race, casting his gaze towards his future at Celtic, revealing he still wants to be at the club longterm.

The Irish manager, well-acquainted with the cyclical nature of football clubs, particularly those with the stature and expectations of Celtic, is already plotting the course for the next campaign as this title race reaches its nail biting conclusion.

Rodgers’ reflections on the current season, and his vision for the next, underscore a resolve not just to compete, but to build and develop a squad capable of leaving a lasting imprint on the Scottish football landscape.

His commentary reveals a manager not content with short-term achievements but invested in the long-term evolution of his team. “I’m really excited about next season having seen the group and the squad,” Rodgers told The Herald, acknowledging the potential he sees in the players currently at his disposal, as well as those sidelined by injury.

His focus is not merely on talent but on the character and personality types necessary to forge a winning team. The departure of key players who were not just talented on the pitch but also brought essential leadership qualities has been keenly felt. Rodgers is candid about the challenge of replacing such figures, recognising that the blend of ability and personality is crucial to the team’s success.

4th November 2023; Victoria Park, Dingwall, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, Ross County versus Celtic; Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers speaks to the media after the match

The Celtic manager’s philosophy of giving existing players the chance to prove themselves, especially in the wake of a treble-winning season, speaks to his fairness and understanding of the squad’s dynamics.

Asked if he will be at Celtic next season, Brendan responded, “Oh aye, absolutely. Unless I get told otherwise, that’s my expectation. That was the whole thing I had to consider coming back here.

“In a funny way, I’ve enjoyed this season because there have been so many disruptions and hurdles. But I feel we’ll benefit from that in the long-term.

“We’re in a great title race and if we’d both won last week, we’d have still been two points behind with it in our hands. That would have been okay. We didn’t lose anything so we’re still in a great place.

“It has just been one of those seasons from the minute I walked through the door and stood outside. But it’s okay, we deal with it. You find the solutions throughout the season and thankfully we are still there in a really good place with a possibility to win two trophies. This is what excites me now.”

Yet, he is equally aware of the need for rejuvenation and revitalisation within the squad, a process he equates to the inevitable “revolving door” of football, where even the most successful teams must evolve to maintain their edge.

Rodgers’ commitment to Celtic appears to be unwavering, signaling his intention to remain at the helm for the foreseeable future, a sentiment that that could get a mixed reception from the support depending on what day of the week it is.

His acknowledgment of the disruptions and challenges faced this season is paired with an optimistic outlook, viewing these hurdles as stepping stones to greater achievements.

With the title race still hanging in the balance and the opportunity to clinch silverware, Rodgers remains focused on the present but with an eye firmly on the future.

Celtic take on Livingston on Sunday with the hope of booking their place in the semi final of the Scottish Cup.


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