It seems Celtic fans, well at least these Celtic fans have little sympathy for Hearts striker Steven Naismith after the player picked up an injury during Sunday’s semi-final.

Naismith lasted less than ten minuted before coming off injured, much to the delight of the Celtic fans who have watched the player stamp, kick and hurl abuse at Celtic players within the last year.

The bhoys were frustrated first half but blew Hearts away with a scintillating second-half display.

Speaking today ahead of Hearts midweek tie Craig Levein confirmed the player will be out for around 6-8 weeks after picking up the injury.

Celtic fans were quick to point out ‘karma’ in this instance and don’t seem fussed at all about the player’s current plight.

It stands to reason when the supporters have seen the player get away with so much in recent games against Hearts.

We at Celtsarehere are taking the high road but as Celtic chase down Hearts in the league, losing a player like Naismith could certainly expedite their inevitable rise to the summit of the SPFL.



  1. I had three wishes before the cup semis. One was for us to win. The second was Naismith’ s elimination. The third was Aberdeen to win. Obviously I was delighted when all three happened. To now learn that Naismith is out for an extended period is a bonus.

    Given his track record against us, I don’t understand why BR was singing his praises in the media. Keep your friends close …?

    Hail Hail

  2. There can be no sympathy for Neiysmith, as he is an evil little man(?). What goes around comes around !. I never wish anyone evil , bu you fightl evil with evil, and I hope he is finished play football, as he is a thug! Bye-bye!

  3. Could not have happened to a better guy and what goes round comes around…hell mend him and this will definitely limit the rest of his career…

  4. Hate to see a player get a bad injury…but Naismith isn’t a player, he’s an unrepentant hun thug. I hope his career is ruined, the weaselly little twat.


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