Celtic captain Callum McGregor has revealed a notable change that has taken place in the Parkhead dressing room over the past few years. It is not one that holds much importance to on the pitch matters, but it remains intriguing nonetheless.

Indeed the Hoops’ skipper spoke about the music that is played behind the scenes and how it has altered since players such as Scott Brown and Kieran Tierney were at the club. He said (SPFL): “I think now, more of the younger ones are all listening to their AirPods and stuff, they’ve all got their individual music. It doesn’t bother me now because I’m a wee bit caught in between old school where I had like Broony and KT and like we had a really British-type changing room at that point where everyone was always together and we all listened to the same music and now it’s completely changed.”

Callum McGregor Scott Brown

This alteration has most certainly not affected anything on the pitch at Celtic. From when Brown and Tierney were playing, not much has changed in Glasgow’s east end.

Brendan Rodgers remains the gaffer. The Hoops still lead the way in Scotland, too, and are regularly winning trophies. It seems as though dressing room music doesn’t do much and rather it is simply a choice of personal preference for the players.


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