Reports down south claim Celtic are braced for a massive record breaking bid for their homegrown talent Kieran Tierney.

Bournemouth have been heavily linked with the left back the past week and have been scouting the Scottish star since January.

With Celtic not willing to let go of on one of their star players, it’s believed Bournemouth are ready to go in all guns blazing with a massive offer to beat out the competition.

There has been much speculation about Tierney’s future but Celtic fans are still unfazed by it all.

Kieran has come out reaffirming his commitment to his boyhood heroes on several occasions this season and is serious about going for ten in a row under manager Brendan Rodgers.

Unlike some players who could most likely be off this summer, Tierney is the most unlikely regardless of the bid.

It would have to be outlandish money and then the player would have to agree to the move – two things that won’t happen.


  1. Stop this nonsense ffs!

    He has said he is staying for now.

    Even so, Spurs, Man U etc I can find somewhat credible destinations for KT, but Bournemouth? Not a fcuking hope

  2. This is typical of the arrogance and greed of those in Engerland, their inability to nourish and develop players, their sense of entitlement, their idea that money will buy anything, as well as their inability to comprehend the loyalty of a young player to his boyhood club.

    Kieran is not fazed by all the the glitter, which he knows has no real foundation and lasting importance. His values and his upbringing has shielded him from all that crap and his definition of what is important is very far away from the typical nonsense found in the south, where money is the real god. It is interesting that Kieran’s sense of loyalty is shared by others in the club, such as Broony and that it is spreading to others.

    I’m looking forward to following Kieran’s further development in the green and white hoops next season, and the season after that, and the season after that ……………..


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