CELTIC have confirmed the appointment of Michael Nicholson as the permanent successor to Dom McKay after holding the interim position since McKay’s departure.

Michael was a right hand man to Peter Lawwell during the former chief exec’s run at the club and his appointment can’t be seen as anything else other than a continuation of Peter Lawwell.

Our editor reported back in September Celtic were planning on giving Michael the job full time after the disastrous short spell of Dom McKay. They know Michael, he’s a steady hand and won’t rock the boat. He will also happily pick up the phone to Peter when he needs to.

Celtic fans were excited when Dom McKay came through the door and spoke about modernisation. In one conversation we had with the former chief executive, he claimed a lot of things at the club had to change. It’s little wonder he didn’t last long.

We have a board set in their ways and who don’t like to be challenged. Michael is one of them and he’ll be good for the board, but will he be good for the club?


  1. Very Sad to see a club the Size of Celtic Football Club that doesn’t want to move forward, When it’s still has the Same old wood Worm On the Board ?‍♂️

  2. The unbalance of Celtic player funds will see saw to a dribble. If Anger can make seven million last to the next window (and Celtic have some form of success) under his rule. Then he can spend it all.
    Cfc plc are a business primarily and with all the cash coming in not evenly reciprocated back through the coaches hands, then it will be a long winter of the supporters discontent . Celtic supporters won a cup, what more do they want!!! The stench of Lawwell still permiates Paradise. Wtf.


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