Ange’s homecoming tour in Australia has been received well down under but back home is a different story.

Most Celtic fans would be delighted to see Ange take his Celtic team to Sydney in November, but you’ll find fewer numbers of fans who want to see the club monetize the Glasgow Derby. Fans have made their feelings clear at Celtic Park and the club has pushed ahead regardless.

On the other side of the city, the Ibrox club is really feeling the heat now.

The Ibrox fans love the term ‘Old firm’ it ties the two clubs together – you can’t move in the media without being hit with the ‘old firm’ tag again and again when either club is being discussed. Despite that – the club’s fans have major opposition to the Australia tour.

One is because the Ibrox hierarchy is perceived to be happily going out their way to make money with a club who don’t like to be tied to them and who refuse to use the old firm tag. Celtic haven’t used the term for well over a decade at this point in their official media channels and streams.

The other reason is that the tour is clearly Celtic and Ange centric. The Ibrox club look like guests of the Hoops and the bhoys stand to make more cash than their rivals from the deal.

Civil war has broken out now at Ibrox because of it with fan organisations and the club coming to blows in public with statements galore.

A new layer has been added to this by Dave King, former Ibrox chairman, claiming he would offset the funds lost by his old club if they pull out of the deal.

According to RecordSport, King will cut them a cheque for the amount and the penalty fees involved in pulling out of the tournament.

This deal would likely work for Celtic fans, who again have no issue with the tournament itself, but would much prefer different opposition.

What a mess.


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