While SKY SPORTS reported that Chelsea had made an offer of £3million for Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon, we understand that a formal bid for the player was never made.

While we first questioned the validity of the rumour itself, we were surprised to find out that there was genuine interest from the Stamford Bridge side, which culminated in a phone call taking place over the Scottish international’s availability.

Celtic were quick to rebuff any interest in their number one and told Chelsea in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t available to them.

As far as we believe, that’s as far as both clubs have gone, with no formal bid being tabled for Gordon which Celtic would not have entertained anyway.

Will Celtic’s unreceptive response to Chelsea’s interest mean that they won’t table a bid before the window closes, of course not.

The London club is aware it would take a head-turning amount of money at this point to bring in the goalkeeper. They are currently looking at other options.

A goalkeeper is still likely to leave Celtic Park this window, bids permitting it will be either Logan Bailly or Dorus De Vries.



  1. Perhaps we could give Chelsea de vries and 1m.
    If Gordon is sold with only a few days to go, then my money would be on de vries selling the treble and the unbeaten run.

  2. So the rumours say Chelsea offered 3m for Gordon, but want 12m for the lesser quality begovic, and now reports say they will offer Newcastle 8m for a complete unheardof.
    The ingleesh clubs and media are utter scum. I can’t wait for the bubble to burst and all those “big” clubs go to the wall.
    Scottish clubs are partly to blame for accepting derisory offers for talented players from these scummy clubs. Stop doing business with them.



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