SCOTT Sinclair has the stats to back up he’s not having as bad a season many make out.

17 goals in all competitions is not bad going for an attacking midfielder. But today, and not for the first time this season Scott has been hooked because it just wasn’t happening for him. Fans inside the ground and online this evening suggesting the player should be dropped for the Glasgow Derby.

Scotty looks short on confidence and bereft of the self belief to take on players like he did so much last season. He and Kieran Tierney struck up a great partnership last term and early this season – making life difficult for defenders with their interplay in the final third.

This year, for whatever reason, Scott has looked lost at times and against Morton nothing seemed to come off for the Englishman. Anyone who believes he is just as good as last season are lying to themselves.

This has led to many calling for Scotty to be dropped for Ibrox this week and while logic tells me they’re right, I’m not so sure he should take a place on the bench.

Scott needs that one game, that one bit of magic to give him the impetus to kick on and be the player we all know he can be.

The spark can be in the cauldron of the Ibrox atmosphere where he’s thrived in the past. Give him the ball into space and let’s see him run at the Ibrox defenders.

The midfielders new year winner and attacking performance in the 5-1 rout is proof he can hit those levels when it matters.

He can’t afford another performance like today.


  1. I would start Sinclair next week, as he can draw two or three players too him and he would have to pick his pass at the right time. Yes go with him, he does not become a bad player over night.! Go on Scott, show them they are wrong!!!! Hail Hail

  2. Problem is he cant make a pass now, defenders now know just to stand up to him and he will play it back or lose it. “He cant afford another performance like today” he has already had too many performances like today and for many fans patience has run out.

  3. I have always backed Sinclair when some of the support start to get on his back,but maybe next week’s too big a risk to see if he can rediscover his form.
    As Hugh says,he hasn’t became a bad player overnight,he has gave us many superb moments to celebrate but for whatever reason it isn’t happening for him this season.
    Brendan starting him next week would maybe give Sinclair a shot in the arm,giving him the confidence and perfect stage to kick start his season,we all know what he IS capable of producing on the pitch,so why not next week?Let’s face it if Sinlcair or Forrest are not pulling sevco’s back line about,then there’s always Roberts or Musonda,who can come on,that’s if Brendan doesn’t decide to put either in the starting line up.

  4. We’ve stopped getting in behind defences. Scotty is bereft of ideas how to get in behind the opposition. The team seems to be a bunch of individuals all trying their own thing to solve the problem.
    The problem starts at the back, Doris is not Celtic quality. He lacks the ability to command his defence. Twice against Morton, Zozo gave him pelters for not coming to collect the ball, and not shouting when coming for the ball. I’d drop him for the Sevco game. KT is another who suffers when he has to send the ball back continually. The team has lost the ability to open teams up.
    Ajar looks like he’s looking for an injury. A late tackle, and he’s down crying like he’s been hit by a tank. Man up, take a knock. Remember Aberdeen, and Scott Brown,
    Things need to improve and pretty quick!

  5. George,agree with you about the team looking more like individuals,and not like the free flowing passing unit from last season.De vries normally very assured with the ball at his feet,but not since he’s come in or Gordon.
    Can’t agree about Ajer however,the boy’s been great since staking his place in the starting lineup.
    I’m pretty sure Ajer does remember the Aberdeen game,or maybe not after the head collision with Simunovic,
    that was some clatter the kid took.Many more seasoned veteran( Broonie aside) would have called it a day and been in for an early bath,but the kid showed some mettle to carry on,so his bravery not in question imho.


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