CELTIC FANS have been taken by surprise when Zenit announced today the prices for their upcoming Europa League tie with Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Mancini’s men go head to head and if you want to watch the action live and in person the ticket prices start from 500 Rubles or 7 Euros to you and me.

Celtic fans can’t quite believe the price, especially when they’ve been hit by a £20 bill to watch Celtic’s Scottish Cup tie against Partick Thistle in February.



    • Indeed Al. It costs non-season book holders over SEVEN times that amount to watch the tribute act from Govan when they and their hordes infest Celtic Park!

  1. Don’t care how cheap the tickets are. Russians are skint. I’ve worked there and it’s grim. People haven’t been payed for months. The food is pure boak. However they are nice people. HH

  2. 40 quid for Celtic Park! Good to see the board at Celtic repay fans for their loyalty. With the teams performances at home over the past two/three seasons each Celtic supporter should get 20 quid for going.

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