Celtic fans have been warned to keep a low profile in Rome but with just under 10,000 Tims expected to make the journey, there are two hopes of a low profile been kept. That been said, mass comes first and if you are the mass going type then there will be no better place than the Vatican and the Pope.

If you are a Celtic fan on Twitter or Instagram then you know who Paul The Tim is. If you don’t know who he is, let us just say he likes to go Celtic games. Paul featured a bit ahead of this fixture after he was singled out by the fascist Lazio supporters as a target. You can see why mass is a priority this morning.

All joking aside, the city of Rome comes with a few warnings like most major cities but when you throw football fans into the mix with two sets of fans with completely different mentalities than safety must be paramount.

It is said Celtic fans will match Lazio fans in the stadium with numbers as there has been very little up-take on tickets from the home support.


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