CELTIC FANS on social media started to filter out that they had got tickets for the Dundee game. Some claimed they got an email or a text from the club while others simply signed into their online Celtic portal and they could see a Dundee ticket sitting in their account.

The club have usually taken to social media before the ballot drops and fans find out who has got a ticket and who hasn’t.

Right now, there’s a sizeable amount of people on social media claiming if the ballot is over and done with they have missed out for a fourth consecutive time.

The first ballot was for 2k for the Preston friendly, it then went to 8,500 for the Midtjylland home tie, the Saturday after that 18,500 people were balloted for a West Ham ticket. The Dundee game will have 24,500 tickets up for grabs – anyone who hasn’t had a shot in the first three games would have been very hopeful of a Dundee ticket. Right now, it looks like a lot are missing out again – including myself!

Celtic need to be clear on the parameters and if the friendlies have counted for fans being chosen or if they go straight back into the ballot because it’s a competitive tie.

Hopefully there will be no need for ballots by the middle of August when Scotland moves beyond Level 0 as planned at the moment.


  1. Given the way the team are playing at the moment and the lack of support for the manager from the board I suspect quite a few will be relieved at missing the games played so far.

  2. Maybe Celtic would be better looking at fan ownership where all money goes on the players they want, This club has a huge fan base and the board keep getting it wrong time to bring in all the new players needed to take back what we lost put the money down and bring them in and back the manager ASP..

  3. I’ve got a ticket for the Dundee game. The email just arrived in my inbox at mid day. I then got a text a couple of minutes ago confirming my success in the ballot. I haven’t been successful in any of the previous ballots. I have a vague recollection the SLO had previously said that success in one ballot disqualified you from future ballots until all relevant season ticket holders had received a ticket via a ballot, but I can’t be certain.

    • I obviously got it wrong. Apparently only the 9,000 who were at the Mitdjylland game were excluded from the Dundee ballot.

  4. disgraceful If I am disqualified from a ballot that is the first paid game as part of the season tickets the rest were free games the west ham and preston games so don’t count.- I am entitled to compensation as Iam paying for goods that I am being discriminated against – Rules were not set clearly enough prior to myself purchasing a season ticket. every season ticket holder is entitled to included in the ballot and for games they don’t get to they are entitled to a refund


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