A group of Celtic fans made a makeshift banner for today’s game against Partick Thistle to send a message to the board.

The fans surely echo the sentiments of many others who have seen Rodgers get frustrated with the lack of transfer activity in this transfer window.

The banner puts it into simple terms.

‘Back the Manager or Back to Mediocrity’

Celtic have less than two weeks to strengthen their side before the window closes until January.

It remains to be seen if they have targets in mind with Jason Denayer slipping through the net and moving to Lyon.



  1. It’s way past time that the Board forget about the Hotel because if we are not winning in Scotland and doing well in Europe it will be back to the times of John Barnes.
    We will not allow the Board to put this success to flow out with the tide.
    So pull your finger out and get doing what you are over paid to do. I don’t want the 1980’s times back again. HH

  2. The cheese board can’t reiy on this years Cl cashin. What happened to the last load of cash?? Just give St Brendan and co’s a load of usable cash. And see what they can do for oor believed Hoops. No more smoke screen. I know that moneys tight. And everybody’s got to feel the pinch . Of course, but not on the field of play. Moonbeem shi7e can wait, until Brendan has proved in any European competion. Not so much to ask now is it.


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