So Scotland’s “Children’s Commissioner” has issued a warning on child exploitation within football.

He doesn’t name Celtic directly but no doubt this is a reaction to the debut of the youngster Dembele for our development team a few days ago.

FAO Tam Baillie (Children’s Commissioner) 

Celtic have exploited nobody! There’s no profit to be had here and it adds no value to Celtic in general terms. Giving him game time during the week does however add immense value to this young player and in particular to his personal development.

Exploiting him would be to keep him under wraps and hidden from those who will attempt to lure him away before he turns 16 – how selfish would that be? Celtic have decided against that, even if it’s meant alerting the entire footballing world to this outstanding talent.

There are child prodigies in all walks of life and in almost all cases they are fast tracked into environments which are more in keeping with their ability.

Finally, we all know somebody who has gone on trial to one professional team or another. You are correct that most don’t make the grade but (personally) I’ve never heard anyone complain. On the contrary, it gives them something to brag about to their mates.

Why don’t you do your job right and look at “Real” child exploitation!

Yours sincerely




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  1. I would give Tom Baillie a pardon on this one. It is most likely a Level 5 non-story where they attempt to dig up the slightest bit of dirt on Celtic as well as repeat the fairy stories that everything is rosy at Sevco FC and they happened to get a quote from Mr Baillie’s organisation and align this to a feelgood story regarding Celtic. I know we can all be critical of Peter Lawell but I don’t think we can compare him to Fagin.

    Once the dust of this week has settled Karamoko can get back to some semblance of normality by running rings around his peers again. From what I have heard the lhad is from a very stable home environment and the family will only do what is best for him and I am sure they are already more than aware of the vultures and rogue agents who swoop around promising young footballers.

  2. I seem to remember a docu aired on the BBC years ago ‘my blue heaven’ I think..followed the youth team of another Glasgow Club. I cannot remember an out cry…only saying.

  3. I have to admit that I am puzzled as to why he had to be involved in last Monday’s match.
    All that’s happened is that Karamoko is (an even bigger) internet sensation and the whole world is aware of him !
    How is this supposed to help his development ?

  4. No offence mate, but you are evidently clueless about how you progress youngsters in football, and particularly ones who are light years ahead of their peers….

    …and if you knew anything about Celtic you would know half the development squad side was away on international duty whilst the U17’s had a game the following night, so rather than call the game off they brought younger players into the squad, and the most prodigious of them got 10 mins on the park…

  5. yes tend to agree with you anything to diversify whats happening over at sevco.They are terrified to print the truth about the financial turmoil and how they cannot afford to fix their stadium because of the asbestos in the main building and in probability will have to demolish it as it has been left unattended for so long but as usual not a whimper from our Scottish journalists or editors.


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