CELTIC LEGEND, Pat Bonner has not held back when it comes to Celtic and specifically, Perter Lawwell.

The Irishman is rightfully outraged at the club’s decision as of late but more so their inability to come out and talk to the support and offer up an apology.

When the news hit 13 players had to isolate because they came int close contact with a positive case, instead of throwing their hands up and saying ‘our bad’ they decided to let you know this could have happened back in Scotland too.

Only it couldn’t have, the club and the players would not have been in that close of proximity for long enough to get asked to isolate had they not taken the trip – that’s a fact.

The custodians of our club are in self-preservation mode and don’t give a damn about the support or our outrage. The only time we become a problem is round about season ticket renewal time. As soon as they’ve got our money, they’re not interested in whether the fans want change or have major concerns.

Speaking to GoRadio as cited by SunSport, Bonner urged the club and Peter Lawwell to show some humility and just accept this trip to Dubai was a disaster. Apologise to the hurting fans who are suffering like never before away from the football while Celtic decide to sun it up during a global pandemic.

“I was shocked (that the trip went ahead). If I had the opportunity and somebody to talk to inside Celtic I would’ve phoned up and been really angry.

“As somebody who played for the club for a long time but also supports the club, to a point where obviously working in the media you have to see what’s on the pitch from a neutral stance.

“You still have feelings for the club you played for 17 years. Very much so.

“I’m also a shareholder at the club, albeit very small, but all of those people – the fans, shareholders – they have a right to hear from the club and from Peter Lawwell.

“There’s no harm in saying, at this point, he doesn’t have to say from a protocol point of view they got it wrong, because they’ll argue they did everything right.

“But from a perception point of view, for going out there in the current climate even though they had planned it in November.

“Things change and there’s things changing on a daily and weekly basis.

“Sometimes you’ve got to come out and say: ‘We’ve got this wrong. From a perception point of view, it was wrong and we apologise to our fans.’

“He (Lawwell) doesn’t have to apologise to anybody else but to his fans and all those people I’ve mentioned.

“‘We’ll learn from it and we’ll move on’ – I would like to hear that because it would go somewhere to at least saying they’re thinking about what they’re doing.

“But when you don’t hear anything, that’s difficult for the fans.

“Anybody within the board, whoever’s the spokesman from a leadership point of view, should be coming out and saying, ‘Listen, guys, we’ve got this wrong and we’ll admit we didn’t read it properly. We got it wrong from that perspective’.

“It’s not about whether you did the protocols right, it’s about in the current climate when people can’t leave their houses, they’re really struggling, people in hospitals.

“Celtic fans are all over the place, in the NHS, they’re working hard, under pressure.”


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