KENNY DALGLISH believes that introducing VAR to Scottish football in December, as the SPFL plan to do, is bizarre.

The former Celtic and Liverpool great believes the Scottish game needs the equipment but is questioning the timing of its introduction.

VAR won’t be ready for the start of next season, so the logical idea is to hold off until the following year. At the end of next season, fans will compare decisions with VAR and without it with the potential of an asterisk appearing next to the 22/23 season.

As quoted by the Daily Record, Dalglish said;

“I’m delighted that VAR has been voted through by the 42 SPFL member clubs.

“It’s something I’ve long championed as it will help our officials on a week-to-week basis.

“But I’m a wee bit surprised that the clubs are having to cover the cost of it, which is over £1-million.

“The Premiership sides will pick up the tab – based on a sliding scale depending on where you finish in the table – yet I would have thought that the SPFL and SFA would have footed the bill.

“I’m also slightly taken aback that VAR will not be properly up and running until the second half of next season.

“I know that our officials have been training for this eventuality for a number of weeks in the hope it would be given the green light.

“So why do we need to wait until December or January to use it? Why can’t everything be ready for when the new season kicks off at the end of July?

“The situation as it stands could lead to potential problems further down the line.

“It’s far from ideal to be starting a season with one set or rules, and then having another in place midway through the campaign.

“For example, a goal in a game next season – which was clearly offside – could stand. Then when a similar situation arises when the same teams meet later in the season, it could be overruled by VAR, and the goal chalked off.

“To be honest, I find it bizarre.”

Many agree with Kenny; bringing VAR in halfway through the season is ridiculous.

Despite complaints about the SPFL’s decision, they stand by the start date.

VAR isn’t the answer for Scottish football at the moment. The officiating standards are abysmal. Many people agree that they would like to see better quality officials in the league before VAR falls into the hands of those already showing incompitancy.


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