CELTIC have reportedly taken action after the away section toilets at Celtic Park were heavily damaged in September by mindless Sevco fans who were in no mood to show dignity in the face of a 5-1 thrashing.

The Bhoys had a deal with the last Ibrox side that any damage by their own fans, the club in question would foot the bill. With no such gentleman’s agreement in place with the new outfit, Celtic were hoping for common decency to prevail and for Sevco to pay for the damage.

After many attempts to recoup the money, it has seemingly proven futile and as a result, Celtic have taken the very serious action of withholding 40k of the Ibrox sides ticket money they’re due for the New Year’s eve clash where Celtic took a nineteen point lead in the title race.

This decision wouldn’t have been taken lightly by the Celtic hierarchy and used as a last resort in order to ensure they were not footing the bill themselves for the moronic behaviour of the Govan support.

Anyone upset by this should take a look at their support and condemn the people who carried out the senseless vandalism.

Apparently the Ibrox club has claimed they want paid for damage to their stadium for New Years Eve game. We are yet to see any damage with the only noteworthy picture of the day being Poundland tea candles being lit for some ambience in the dreary Ibrox loos.

Maybe they paid somebody to blow them out?



  1. Well done Celtic.this action is well overdue,they were given ample opportunity to pony up but were unwilling to cooperate.hell mend them

  2. To be fair to the new club they ain’t got no money, oh what a shame!!! It’s a bit like taking a pish stained manky tramps last can of super lager of him.

  3. You know what will happen.They’ll take it back when they sell the tickets for the game in March then they’ll wreck the toilets again.

  4. Don’t let this scum back into paradise. They are a 5 year old club (sorry football fans) they are a 5 year old nightmare, 2 weeks after the we last played them, they are telling us the crumbledome has damage, daaa we know it’s been like that for years, you gotta said “these types of people should not be allowed anywhere near paradise”


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