Brendan Rodgers hasn’t ruled out Celtic making a move for the on-loan midfielder.

The exciting winger is due back at the Etihad this summer and there has been rumours of talks between the two clubs to keep the player one more season.

“Whether Patrick Roberts comes back from Manchester City remains to be seen so I believe that I’ll need another winger, with real pace.” said Rodgers.

However, this could prove difficult as Rodgers clearly doesn’t want to put too much stock and importance on a player he doesn’t have long term. Patrick has been making more appearances as a substitute due to James Forrest’s form and the fact that he is our player.

You always have to put more faith in the players that are going to be here for the foreseeable future. But you also have to balance that with using obvious talent when you have it at your disposal, I think Rodgers has been reluctant to do this and why Roberts would not be in favour of another loan deal.

With the plethora of talent at Manchester City where one player costs more than Celtic’s entire team, it will be difficult for the tricky winger to establish himself. If I was a betting man, I’d put my house on him wanting to try his best to make the breakthrough.

It’s almost certain Roberts will not be in Celtic colours next season, but there’s always a chance we could see him back, however small.



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