NICOLA STURGEON has pushed back plans for vaccine passports to be introduced. These rules were supposed to be implemented from this weekend, however, the rules will now come into place from the 18th of October.

The First Minister decided to delay the legal obligation to be doubled jabbed to attend football stadiums to allow Scottish clubs to settle into the requirements after “listening” to feedback.

Although it is not required by law, fans are encouraged to be double vaxxed if heading to the football.

Speaking today at noon, the SNP leader broke the news of the delay. [BBC]

Fans will now be required to show proof of vaccination from the Ferencvaros fixture onwards. This is due to be played at 15:30 on Tuesday the 19th of October.

After a compromise between the government and the SFA last week, not all fans will be required to show proof upon entry, instead, random spot checks will be carried out.

Celtic have yet to communicate with fans as to what this might look like, but across the city, fans are being encouraged to bring a paper copy of a vaccine passport


  1. Absolutely disgusting and worthy of revolution in and of itself. This fascist and draconian agenda which breaches the Nuremberg Code is unacceptable in the extreme. This is an experimental vaccine for a mild respiratory condition which itself was downgraded from being a serious highly infectious disease (SHID) by the UK Government themselves as far back as March 2020. Regardless, those fools who have allowed themselves to be laboratory Guinea Pigs should be safe if we are to believe the computer modelling used to determine efficacy. Therefore, how dare anyone or Government dictate that an unvaccinated person cannot enter a stadium. Surely it is like wearing a bicycle helmet and down to personal choice. For in the end it is only the unvaccinated who has to worry about their health and not the vaccinated. So you see, this has nothing to do with public health, this is only to do with a seperate agenda to coerce people in to taking this corporate untested injection with who knows what in it. For if it was to do with public health, then the fact that most had already taken the vaccine would mean that most would be safe, leaving only the brave souls who refused the vaccine to worry about themselves. I could go on. I’ll close with this: look up the NHS’ own figures (NHS England) with regards hospital admissions and mortality rates for the years 2017-2021 and if you can find any signs of the pandemic – which ought to be apparent – then you will have found what the rest of us cannot. All you’ll find is an ever so slight increase in the aforementioned. There never was a pandemic. As for vaccine efficacy, well the human trials don’t end until 2022/23, so by definition they don’t actually know it’s efficacy but for that which a computer model tells them. Computer modelling will give you the results you seek. This is a pure transparent agenda right from the start. As Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth the the most revolutionary act.”


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