If you haven’t been hiding under a rock since last week you will have seen the increasingly more common stories about Celtic players being linked with a move away from Celtic Park.

We’ve had Dembele touted to Arsenal, Real Madrid, Spurs etc this week by the SMSM. His performances have been of a high standard but talk of a move is VERY premature. Keeping in mind this is a player Celtic have just recently acquired on a four-year deal.

Today it’s Kieran Tierney’s turn to be touted and apparently German giants Bayern Munich are keeping a close eye on them, not that I’m scoffing at a team the stature of Bayern wanting the young left back but it isn’t very probable or realistic at this stage in his development.

So once they’ve done selling Moussa and Kieran who will they move onto next? James Forrest has been playing well lately, so no doubt the scouts will be flying in from all over the world to run the rule over the winger.

There is a lot of potential in that Celtic team, young players that could go on to do some serious damage in European football. Right now, they’re better at Celtic Park than anywhere else, they know that themselves. Until then, the more standout performances we get from them the more the media will link them to any club who utters their name.



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  1. Kieran and moussa have both signed long contracts, £40 million each ! Thats what the price tag that should be put on them, speculation on where they play won’t help them to develop, we as Celtic fans should demand the club stop this policy of selling are good players, there’s money in the bank our players are playing well let’s build not destroy ! HAIL HAIL

  2. Unfortunately we are a selling club and will always be that way with the lack of cash in the Scottish league. We are the equivalent of Ajax and need to sell to survive and why would we want to stand in the way of a player going on to bigger and better things in a more competitive league?

  3. It’s the same every year. The SMSM will do everything the can to unsettle Celtic. I dont see any rumours about Hallidaythe Sevco megastar. He must be a bargain at 35 million for someone

  4. Not one to sit on fences, but I can agree with both points. If we keep on qualifying for the Champions League, we are solid financially. Unfortunately, Ronnie couldn’t put together a challenge to get past those preliminary rounds, which cost us around £60 million before tax, (you know what I mean, sevco?) over the last two years.

    Even this year, we had a fight to get through and will always be that way. To start to pay players the rewards they can earn elsewhere, and we could well end up the same as Leeds, ad yes sevco, who I feeel thought that by cheating, Champs League would be nailed on. They would have been able to clear their debts with an 8 year out of 10 years qualifying. So our successes have contributed to their downfall, as well as their own ego trip to hell.

    I know it’s mercenary. but would you turn down tripling your money elsewhere? It’s only our genuine love affair that keeps so many players from leaving, though I too would swap with any first-team player and gladly accept a very good wage while pulling on that Hooped Jersey. Do not worry, I know the Celtic support deserve far better than my meagre soccer talent, I would boo myself! But we all have, or will have a family and we want the best for them. The Danny McGrain’s, Jinky’s and Griff’s are diamonds not to be found at the end of every rainbow, but are there.

    Like it or not, Mr Lawrell et al, do have a responsibility to our accounts and our support, Us, to ensure we are permanently competitive at Paradise and on the road. We do now need a Scottish, Welsh and English League, or thee Champs League to be a 36 game Championship to keep and acquire the very best. This would leave the other Scottish clubs in a strong position, though maybe not alway in the top of such a League. Though Hearts v Preston? Not too bad and the extra cash would ensure some time at the top.

    Adopted Celts, such as Demele, do, I feel, have a genuine pull towards us, long may it continue. I’m sure we will continue to unearth plenty more. I will just laugh at the SMSM desperately trying to unsettle our players in the vain hope that the newco can catch us and the Dons up!

    We reap what we sow, laddie! Rant over! Hail!

  5. Same old Same old Time & Tide stands still for no man, The Vultures are out for the pickings but yet again and we can’t do anything about It, Unfortunately football is a business today, Playing for the jersey is long gone, But we shall have to accept and persevere as we always have done throughout the years, But the one thing you can never change is our fantastic support, God Bless Them All Each And Every Bhoy & Ghirl, Supporters All Over The World Hail Hail.


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