Celtic as well as other SPFL clubs are on a collision course with the SFA according to MailSport as unrest over disciplinary matters grow.

The Scottish Champions were left raging after Ryan Christie was suspended for two games after the Glasgow Derby for retrospective action.

Other clubs have also raised their concerns about the process and scatter gun approach of the system over seen by Claire Whyte at Hampden.

The clubs want a system which is fit for purpose but right now see very little in the way of encouragement.

This revolt could lead to action by the SFA this summer as clubs look to refine and help get this process right. The nature of retrospective charges are a big talking point with only some players getting pulled up for certain offences while others who have perpetrated the same action get nothing.

You’re never going to please everyone, but pleasing nobody in this system seems to suggest it will have to be looked at.


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