MORITZ BAUER spoke to CelticTV about his debut for the Hoops at the start of Septemeber with the Stoke loanee enjoying a Glasgow Derby win in his first outing.

The full-back was involved in a major flashpoint during the game when he was poleaxed by Jordan Jones. Both players came on in the second half as substitutes and Moritz conducted himself well in the right-back position. In the dying embers of the game when Celtic had got their second goal, Jones would go in very hard and late on the defender and was rightfully given a red card by Bobby Madden.

The player had a rush of blood to the head and tried to hurt Moritz. Thankfully he was ok but Jones went over on his own leg and left Ibrox on crutches.

Bauer confirmed today the Ibrox midfielder phoned him personally on the Monday after the Glasgow Derby to express his regret and apologise for the challenge.

“I didn’t feel it that bad on the pitch, I just felt ‘right, that was a foul’ and when I saw the red card I was a bit surprised. But when I saw it on the TV it was a bad tackle.

“At the end of the game I think there was a bit of frustration and I didn’t feel like it was a personal attack. It’s a badly timed tackle and luckily I didn’t injure myself.

“Unfortunately he caught himself a bit but I didn’t feel it that bad. The day after we spoke as well, which I really appreciated so I think we can take it off the table and start to look forward now.

“There are no bad feelings at all. We know that as a player you sometimes can get dramatic or emotional on the pitch. I didn’t feel like he tried to injure me or anything, it was just frustration. These things can happen and obviously I wish no one got injured but unfortunately he caught himself a bit. Nothing bad happened and it’s part of the derby.

“Because I didn’t injure myself or anything I didn’t expect a call but it was a very positive surprise. Big compliment to him, it’s very fair play. He asked how I felt and if he had caught me badly and he apologised.”

Jones didn’t have to phone and apologise but it was right that he did. Mortiz showing his class by not holding a grudge towards the player.


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