CHRIS SUTTON has told Joey Barton he couldn’t handle the heat up in Scotland and that’s why he failed to deliver.

The former Ibrox midfielder came up talking a good game and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing until his contract was terminated shortly after.

He commented on the poor quality of Scottish football, citing that he poor quality of the game was the reason he failed.

Chris Sutton isn’t having it!

“You’ve got to love Joey.

“Good career but he was found wanting for Rangers and simply couldn’t handle the big club pressure so it was everyone else’s fault…

“So Scottish football is rubbish.. And he’s had a better career than Lustig and Brown…mmm.”

Chris is someone who won the Premier League down south before heading to Scotland and performing to a high level.


  1. Sick of this wee muppet
    Last week he said he didn’t watch the sevco 5088 v Glasgow Celtic game because he would rather watch some sad excuse for a game in england (can’t remember who) this week he watched motherwell v Glasgow Celtic
    Can he not watch sevco 5088 any more
    Is it because of the way they treated him and he’s that thick he gets them mixed up with us
    What’s in this muppets head
    Thinks he can abuse Glasgow Celtic and its players will somehow make everything better with the scumbags who sacked him and maybe they will ask him back.
    They are thick but not even that thick.
    Go away little boy.
    Your a nothing.
    Your a want-to-hun who wouldn’t have you back to stand as a goal post.
    Hail Hail


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