CHRIS SUTTON has hit back at fans who are having a go at him for giving his opinion on the current situation at Celtic.

The Englishman has been highly critical of the board and manager and claims the club have left the door open for an Ibrox title challenge with their in-fighting.

Some fans have been irked by this with one saying Chris is ‘selling himself out’ to which the striker responded strongly, having a veiled dig at Derek Johnstone of Superscoreboard who he as in the past accused of being nothing but an Ibrox fan boy.

Our writers on the site have agreed and disagreed with Chris Sutton over the years but never question his motives as we know he’ll always just tell you what’s on his mind regardless of the club he’s talking about.

It’s worth noting even when he does talk about Celtic in a less than flattering light he is willing the club to be better – much like many of our fans.


  1. Chris Sutton is right ! Cal! It as you see it. The alternative is to pretend that
    all is h well. That leads to a diminishing of standards ……c.f. Sevco

  2. It’s not just the boards fault, Rodgers picks the team and formation and I’m sorry but for me you can’t play games with just the one striker, although they got by today against Partick we’ve seen what it’s like against better opposition, it just doesn’t work. Rodgers has to take the blame for the losses after all we have a good enough squad that we should’ve won against Hearts and AEK.

  3. I would rather have say what he thinks than pretend everything is rosy in the Garden at the moment. BR has done what no Manager in our history has done.. Back to back Trible’s. That does not exempt him for mutts like Commper. Now there is a complete waste of money.
    The Board carry the majority of the blame for this “SLUMP and that is all it is.
    We are only a few signings short of being invincible again and maybe there are a few Gems still outside the First team squad who just need their chance. HH COYBIG

  4. Sutton ‘s not the first x celt to have a go, Nicholas, provan and more,, they have the platform to do so, they only want the best for celtic, once a celt, always a celt.


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