Chris Sutton has warned Celtic that they “should not touch” former Manchester City and Burnley goalkeeper, Joe Hart.

Speaking to the Daily Record, it was clear to see how much Sutton would be against the club signing the former England internationalist after his release from Burnley just this month.

“Why would Celtic, whether he cost money or a free transfer, want to spend big wages on Hart? He’s not the keeper that he was.

He’s 33 years old, maybe he could come up and resurrect his career but Celtic cannot afford to take a gamble this season. That would be a gamble to sign Hart, looking at the form which he has been in.

That is why they need to get the deal done with Fraser Forster. Last season he was immense, you know what you’re going to get with Forster. These two goalkeepers, at this stage of their careers in the here and now, Forster is streaks ahead of Hart. And that is the truth – Celtic should not touch Joe Hart.”

Sutton is clearly not a fan of Hart as a goalkeeper, after poor spells at clubs such as West Ham and his last club, Burnley which has left him in the position he is in.

The club will likely be doing all they can to sign Fraser Forster, after such a great season last year and knowing his past with Celtic.

However, it would be very dangerous for those working within Celtic to close off all other options they may have because Forster signing is far from a certainty yet.

After being released it is worth at least having talks with Hart and his representatives to see where they would be at, in terms of striking a deal.

Of course the priority is having the Great Wall back for the 10 in a row season but the club do need to be careful with how they are negotiating things currently.




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