KRIS BOYD is being called out on Twitter for being a coward after he refused to address a half time talking point with the Sky Sports panel.

The rotund Kilmarnock striker is brought in (God knows why) by Sky Sports to give his opinion and take on the game as it unfolds.

Dolly Menga was seen to try and headbutt Celtic player Ryan Christie during the first half. Had the referee seen it, there could have been a red card shown for the act of aggression. However, the referee didn’t see it and Menga played the rest of the game before being substituted late on.

When Sky Sports went back to the studio after the game, the headbutt was raised by presenter Hayley McQueen who asked Boyd outright if he thought it was a red.

He refused to give an opinion and passed it over to Kris Commons to answer.

This did not go unnoticed.



  1. The ref must have seen it, because he stopped the game and spoke to both players
    Livi are away to the Huns next, so you can guarantee menga will get a retrospective ban for it.

  2. Kevin Clancy is one of John Fleming’s fast track productions and one of the worst.
    Under Fleming’s years of tutelage Scottish football is still waiting for one, just one, decent ref to emerge from the system.
    I’m sick of people complaining about the standard of our officials with a number of excuses put forward in their defence when the common factor is Fleming himself.
    What’s the ref going to say if the Compliance Officer picks up on the attempted head butt?
    Yes, I did see it but because he failed to make contact with the Celtic player then all’s well.
    After all the SFA has it’s own book of rules. If you can get away with kicking an opponent off the ball then a missed head butt is no big deal.

  3. Words fail in both the Ref and fatty body actions (or should it be none action). Fatty is paid by Sky to analyse the game. To pass over to the other guy and say he did not want to get involved with the Red Card is cowardly and ludicrous. Sack him now Sky he is not doing the job you pay him form

  4. We are CELTIC we must always play against the team and the referee and the linesmen. We have allways played against 14 men in Scotland hail hail still can’t stop us

  5. That’s sums Boyd up.Has a go at Celtic all season then sits on the fence with the evidence is in front of him to comment,passed the buck

  6. Dolly Mixture looks like a potential Hunderstudy to Morelos. As well as being suspended he’ll be a signing target in January.

    We still don’t have an enforcer to administer justice on the pitch. Christie is developing but we need to find a big guy who sorts out cheats and thugs.

    As for media hundits Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller, Steven Thomson, Mock Huddle Ally, etc are always haunting our games as well as Craigen. Other than Big John Hartson there are few Celtic voices in the media.

  7. Boyd always has plenty to say Innis rag !. Why does Sky employ a plonker??? Just another Hun taking up another mansion!. Not that Boyd is a man, more like a midden!! Muppet, fat , Muppet!…

  8. look we came from a high midweek to a low at weekend Livingston game they came from a low to a high at the weekend and beat a poor Motherwell side then our next game is away again and they again are at home crazy how they play bottom teams after midweek games…….
    But we are on a run now we will be BOSS


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