SCOTT SINCLAIR was nearly the victim of a vicious bottle attack at Easter Road during their Scottish Cup triumph on Saturday evening.

The Englishman went to take a corner when an object flashed across the screen. The referee, Willi Collum went over and picked it up to show it was an empty bottle of Buckfast.

Take a look!

Sinclair could have been seriously injured if the bottle had connected with him in any way.

This season has seen many clubs be embarrassed by thugs and morons throwing objects at opposition players, including some Celtic fans. A Buckfast bottle takes it to a whole new level of moronic behaviour and it’s a massive concern going forward. Someone is going to get badly injured and hospitalised if these people aren’t weeded out.

Celtic won 2-0 on the day thanks to goals from James Forrest and Scott Brown who helped book Neil Lennon’s Celtic into the semi-final.


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