David Moyes, the West Ham United manager, has suggested that Celtic would be better suited to competing in a more modest European competition rather than the UEFA Champions League.

Celtic Champions League
Soccer Football – Champions League – Group Stage Draw – Grimaldi Forum, Monaco – August 31, 2023 Former Chelsea player Joe Cole draws Celtic REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

He believes that the Scottish giants stand “no chance” of claiming Europe’s premier club trophy in the current climate.

This sentiment comes on the heels of West Ham’s triumph in the Europa Conference League last season, contrasting sharply with Celtic’s exit in the Champions League group stage.

This line of thinking – that teams like Celtic might be better off targeting ‘lesser’ European silverware – has gained traction following Rangers’ recent defeat to PSV. However, many view this mentality as defeatist.

Former Rangers striker Ally McCoist was among the early proponents of this view, but it has its detractors. Competing in the Champions League is widely seen as not just about potential silverware but prestige. It’s a platform that attracts top-tier players, delights the fans, and ensures a significant revenue stream.

Appearing on TalkSPORT, David Moyes said:”Realistically, I am of the opinion that clubs like West Ham, whether it be Brighton, even Rangers and Celtic, have no chance of winning the Champions League. Certainly Rangers and Celtic in the current climate.

“But that tournament now that you have put it on the map, you saw how much it meant to the West Ham supporters. Tell us a bit about how you felt about it.”

He continued: “The Conference League this year will be incredibly difficult to win. And yes, I agree, the Champions League is so elite and to be able to beat Man City or Inter Milan, it takes some doing nowadays. But the Conference League might give you a chance and UEFA have done a good job in getting a third competition out there which can involve a different level of team.”


  1. The guy Moyes is a hump . What he is suggesting is that Celtic FC should know it’s place , sit down shut up and be thankful for everyone taking good care of us ! After all that garbage , he discounts that the UCL is a learning process and we are not even qualified to pay attention to the experience …God preserve us ! To think Moyes was mentioned as a possible Celtic FC boss back in the Summer ? I would not be happy if this charlatan was the chief window cleaner .

  2. Comments probably taken out of context. He is right in saying we have no chance of winning the champions league but there certainly prestige in playing in it not to mention the financial rewards.
    At the same time wouldn`t it be nice to be in with a chance of winning a European competiton among some top teams?


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