Eddie Howe has refuted the claim he changed his mind about joining Celtic at the last minute.

Back in the summer, very credible sources at Celtic told CeltsAreHere the manager had agreed to join the club but asked for time to get his backroom team together.

The club waited most of the summer and once Bournemouth had been knocked out of the playoffs, expected they would get their man. However, it was only then the deal came crashing to the ground.

Speaking after taking on the Newcastle job, Howe has a huge problem with the way he was portrayed.

The Englishman refutes the version of events that paints him in a terrible light. He did pretty much confirm not getting his back room team was the reason.

Speaking to RecordSport, Howe said:

“The problem is that I didn’t change my mind at the last minute.

“I have not spoken publicly on it because there have been a lot of things said that have been totally untrue.

“I couldn’t get my backroom team together to go to Celtic for a host of different reasons.

“I didn’t want to take a job of such size, and knowing the job needing to be done, on my own.

“I knew what was needed. So there was no change of mind, I was open and honest with everyone connected with the club.

“Celtic were absolutely brilliant and I was open and honest all the way through. No problems with Celtic whatsoever.”

Celtic fans had already seen their previous season come crashing to the ground before the summer managerial debacle.

In hindsight, it was the best move for all parties. Celtic got Ange Postecoglou in the door and he’s brought in some new Celtic heroes in Kyogo and Jota to name a couple.

I’m sure we’ll get to the truth of things one day but to be honest we should all just move in from here.


  1. He might not just be trying to change the perception he’s a bottler and indeed it might well be true he told the club he’d take the job if they could sort out his backroom team. That it took Celtic 3 months to realise that was not going to happen is bloody ridiculous and they should be the ones taking flak, not Howe.

    Still, I’m glad things have gone as they have because I don’t think Howe would have delivered the kind of ludicrously entertaining football that Ange has brought us…

  2. I believe Howe is telling the truth and the reason I believe it is we know our board have lied to us on numerous occasions. They lied over Resolution 11(12), the five way agreement and the disdain and contempt they treat us with is apparent for all to see. It’s been a blessing we didn’t get him anyway as Ange has been a terrific appointment and the player’s he’s brought in have been top class. As Cesar used to say there’s a romance about Celtic as a club, we’re a special club with a special support, we’ve got real core values. Steeped in Irish and charitable history there’s no other club like us, the board should be reminded of that at the agm next week.

  3. Howe being appointed was box office. Most fans were very keen, however at some point someone was selling us a blatant lie. Howe has been hung out to dry by these same liars.
    Not a great look lads.


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