FourFourTwo wrote a fun article about some of the biggest ever misses in football and when we saw number seven we had to share it with you!

Harking back to the days when Rangers hadn’t died and they were dominating Scottish football, racking up the debt that would see their demise – they regularly beat a hapless Celtic side.

Peter van Vossen wrote his own bit of history when an appalling defensive display saw Rangers 2 on 1 with the goalkeeper.

With Alberts and Van Vossen through it was purely academic. Instead of taking the shot himself Albertz squared it to Van Vossen but he only went and did this!

Being still in my twenties it was one of my earliest memories of the ‘Old Firm’ – I remember this chance vividly, as the ball nearly hit me in the stands!

Celtic have been prone to a few howlers in their days too! Patrick Roberts miss against the new incarnation at Ibrox was quite the sight.


  1. Van Vossen played for the Now Deceased Rangers.So get it right And keep it Right.Old Firm?????Now we are into the Realms of Fantasy!!!!!!Some peepul will maintain If Not All that Old Firm applies.But that Mantra Died and Sunk with the Bg Minging Ship Oor William.The Old Firm doesnt and Hasnt existed Since Circa 2012.This Sevco Rangers is Charles Greenes Bsterd Child.Which was actually put together with the remaining assets of the LIQUIDATED RainJurZzz.Yer ClubZzz Deid,Pal,Jog On…HfH UTR

  2. I remember that Miss,I also recall when the Now Dead as Dead can possibly Be,Rangers (iL)Were splashed over every paper in the land.Depicting a Grave with a Broken RainJurZz badge etc.Looks as if this Brand New Club is Heading for an early Grave aswell.Oh Well Its been hilarious while it lasted But Bigger and a lot Better have got European Football to contend with,And Doing a Double Treble.It just proves by Sevco Standards,If You dont have the Brassneck for EBT’s,It shows a Club for which it actually is,Mediocre at Best!!!So will the Bran Noo Club Sevco 2012 have learnt Any lessons from that other Club,LoLoLoL….I very much Doubt That,Formed in 2012 and Going For 55 titles.The Only Football Club in The History of Football to Boast of Such an Achievment.All of 5 going on 6 Years Old and Going for 55 Titles.No matter what way You look at that Utter Nonsense,You cant make that one workout……To All the Sane Beings out there,HH


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