STAN PETROV took time out of his day during the John Hartson Charity Golf Day to talk about Scottish football and in particular the 4-0 result at the weekend.

The Bulgarian, who had many battles with a financially doped up old Rangers, does not believe the side in its current form are anything to write home about.

The former midfielder also believes Celtic’s toughest competition is outside Glasgow.

“At the moment if you look at it, people don’t take Rangers as a threat, it’s more Aberdeen or Hibs, Rangers are not one of the biggest clubs,”

However, Stan also feels Scottish football needs more competition with the gap currently very large between Celtic and the rest.

 “I think it’s still a big gap and a long way to go for Rangers.

“As a Celtic fan, I am delighted because more success for Celtic is better but it’s not healthy for Scottish football and Celtic as well, because they need someone to compete with.

“One big club in a competition is not interesting, you need another few clubs to compete and make sure the league will improve, but at the moment it’s just a one horse race.”



  1. Dead right Stan, decent competition is the only way we’ll be able to compete in Europe, maybe mioving to the EPL would help Celtics’ cause but I wont hold my breath. COYBIG HH


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