CRAIG LEVEIN has surprisingly gone out is way to praise Callum McGregor after another excellent night for the Scottish National team on Monday Night.

Callum started both matches this break during which Scotland secured themselves a playoff spot for next year’s World Cup and ensured they are a seeded team for the first playoff game which will be played at Hampden.

The Celtic captain was simply outstanding – again – last night when Scotland brushed Denmark aside. The team ranked 10th in the world and was going for a 100% record in the qualifying group but the Tartan Army had other ideas.

McGregor’s performance has not gone unnoticed. Speaking live on BBC Scotland the former Scotland and Hearts boss had this to say;

“He reads the game so well. For me, it’s his appreciation of second balls as well. You wouldn’t put him down as a defensive minded player, but he just understands it.

“He seems as if he can do just about anything in midfield. He can pass the ball, he can run with the ball, he can score, and he can defend. He appreciates that side of the game a little bit more, the defensive side of things.

“He just reads the game so well.”

McGregor has been a massive player for Celtic this season. His loss was felt when he was sidelined with an injury earlier in the campaign, but he’s now back and on top form for club and country.

The Celtic captain deserves all the praise coming his way.




  1. I don’t know why this is surprising… Levein comes from a very big Celtic supporting family and indeed grew up as one himself.


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