Former referee Charlie Richmond believes the standard of refereeing in Scotland is so poor because there is no accountability.

Richmond knows from experience that it didn’t matter how badly the referee’s performed – no repercussions would be forthcoming from the SFA.

The former whistler went as far as to call it an ‘old pals’ club speaking to the Daily Record.

“The likes of Craig Thomson, Steven McLean and John Beaton might not be refereeing so well but they don’t care because they are not going to be held to account for it.

“The top guys are getting away with making mistakes because they are not being pushed enough.

“They will stay in charge of the biggest games because there is no one good enough coming through to push them down the pecking order.”

Celtic have been on the receiving end of some very questionable decisions over the years with very little ramification. It’s even taken a dodgy decision to go Celtic’s way for the media to question the competency of our officials.

Richmond believes nothing will change until major reform within the Scottish ranks has achieved. It’s hard to argue with him.



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