The SFA have this evening declared they are now entering into dialogue about postponing the Glasgow Derby and all cup games next Saturday.

The derby is set to go ahead at 4pm on Saturday but now it’s been confirmed Prince Philip’s funeral will take place at Saturday at 3pm.

If the postponement is called then the derby will be pushed back.

The funeral takes place in London at 3pm, should it affect football fixtures?

We’re sceptical as to why this would need to be the case. Given we’re on a tight schedule from now until the end of the season it would prove a difficult task to find a new date without it negatively impacting the teams involved.

The fixtures in Scotland should certainly still go ahead.

Celtic are scheduled for a 4pm showdown at Ibrox and right now things are up in the air.

We need clarity pretty quickly as to what and why. The SFA say clubs will be contacted.


  1. What a load of pish, Scotland has no royalty, since the Great bend down and touch your toes’ in 1707.

    So Liz Von Windsor, the first of Scotlands consort means nothing to us mountain folk.
    So GTF Play the game, if you want to watch a Nazi zombie being scooted along pall mall to their ‘Dig a hole and Bury them’ Switch over.


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