By recent incidents, the ultra group are referring to the firework thrown onto the pitch last night as Celtic scored their second goal.

Some folk were too quick last night to jump to two conclusions. One that the keeper had been struck by a missile and two that it came from the Green Brigade section. It seems every time something happens within the Celtic support the Green Brigade are the number one suspects.

The group will be organising one of its collections before the Livingston game on the weekend. Maybe this continued work should be given more air time rather than the nonsense that made it onto the front pages in Scotland Monday morning.


  1. Whether is the GB or not no type of fire work should be taken and let off at any ground. Get it sorted o ce and for all. Sick of well behaved support being tarred with the same brush as these idiots. They continue to ignore warnings fro UEFA too and cost our club thousands of pounds. One day there will be a really bad accident.

  2. There is NO place for flares or bangers or whatever you want to call them at football games even if safe ( you might want to sit above one once it has gone off !! ) , also anyone near someone letting one off or throwing coins please point them out to the police that way we can keep the good name of Celtic supporters.

  3. I think the GB,pyrotechnics and flares aside,do a great job at Celtic Park,but leave the flares for your customary march through the streets to the stadiums.The GB and in act all fans need to point out offenders to stewards or report there seat number to the club.The writer of the statement is obviously educated enough and puts forward his points clearly but dtich the flares,all flares and pyros.There does seem to be some “fans” who maybe are latching on to the GB,whether the GB are aware of this or not,although the writer of the statement does say they have attempted to engage with fans around them about the ramifications of their behaviour.I therefore take it that their “attempts” were fruitless?so report them!! Every true Celtic fan REPORT the furking bampots.

  4. Followed Celtic for a few years now and I can remember when any fan / fans / spectators caused trouble other fans would start to sing – “Hooli, Hooli, Hooligans” This being an adaptation of the Hellule Hellule song by then popular group – The Tremeloes. I’m talking late 1960’s here, but the time and the place are not as relevant as the sentiment. Supporters accepted responsibility for fellow supporters and in the main incidents stopped before any harm could really be done. I am not saying we should be ‘shopping’ fellow supporters, I am saying we should be supporting fellow supporters – so that incidents like the paricularly dangerous and downright selfish – bollox to the rest of you attitude – can be toned down. I have a lot of memories from my youth – senility has not quite set in yet!, so stop thinking about a wee moment of fame and start thinking about a wee moment of shame instead.

  5. For this to go away fans have to speak out. The difference between a good fan and a bad one is good fans don’t stay silent. Surely someone must have stood beside, behind, infront or with this idiot . So what if the Boombomb struck the roof and fell down upon Celtics fans at the front. No they never thought of that. Or the other senario a player, sub or ballboy or cop. And yes cops are Celtic fans too. Or fans of other football teams. Shocking state of affairs this blemishes Celtics fans good record home and abroad.


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