A lot has been made of an interview John Guidetti had with a Scottish Newspaper yesterday in Maspalomas while Celtic participate in a friendly tournament.

During the interview they asked John about how he thought he would fare against Rangers in the League Cup Semi final and he replied saying he would love to score a hat-trick against them as he did against Ajax while playing for Feynoord back in Holland.

Since this article has came out many have heavily criticised the striker for being full of himself or having a big mouth for predicting he is going to score a hat-trick in the semi final. In reality all he said was he would LOVE to score (not going to score) 3 goals in the semi final but the most important thing is for Celtic to get the win.

“The dream would be to score but the most important thing is we win.” said Guidetti

“The Feyenoord v Ajax match was a big game. They are what I love the most. That is why I wake up in the morning.”

Here is the Swedish Strikers tweet.

Guidetti has went the last 6 games without a goal but is confident his scoring touch will come back to him in the coming weeks.


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