Our social media team are hopeless when it comes to the major intricacies of a game of football. There are so many statisticians and pundits out there, throwing scenarios and numbers at you it can all get just a wee bit confusing.

BUT we did manage to in’depth on one of the major talking points coming out on Sunday and I think you might just like it. However, the analysis comes after the final whistle.

With Leigh Griffiths out injured you could have forgiven the Ibrox club of being complacent for stewards guarding the goal posts. On the contrary, here is a break down of their tactical system to ensure there was no scarf tying come the final whistle.

They thought they had it sussed, the stewards went for a zonal marking system and unfortunately, they missed Leigh Griffiths completely who had snuck past them into the stands – not only tying a scarf to an Ibrox owned railing but waving a tri-colour to add insult to injury.


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