For the millions of Celtic fans not inside Celtic Park today, they had to endure more horrible treatment from Sky Sports. A taste of what is to come for when their network takes over the coverage of Scottish Football next season.

Most Celtic fans felt a bit of a lull in the second half today as their team never picked up from where they left off from the first 45 minutes. A 1-1 draw would have been a horror result when Celtic looked like blown away their Glasgow rivals for 45 minutes. But a late James Forrest goal sent Celtic Park into meltdown, that was followed by a very tense and nail-biting finish to the game.

When the final whistle went a scuffle broke out that involved Scott Brown and Andy Halliday. The last thing Sky viewers would have seen was Brown about to run to the Celtic fans to celebrate but Sky decided to cut to about 20 car ads. If you were waiting for some post-match reaction you would have been disappointed. With no warning, viewers were left watching Cardiff V Chelsea. Horrible.

All Scottish football fans can prepare for this brutal coverage as the broadcaster continues to show nothing but contempt and a lack of understanding to what viewers are handing over their hard earned cash for.

Celtic fans have taken to social media to show their displeasure.


  1. Yes, their coverage of our game is a disgrace, that’s one of the reasons I’m leaving them next week , good riddance

  2. i noticed that before then kick off the stats supplied by and shown were of the real rangers (il)died 2012 , why put up false information in the first place ? if they must talk history at least get it right, apart from that sky are crap . get kodi or tvtap

  3. Come on you boy’s in green if that mob had won it would have been on for at least an hour after the game and as for that big fat cunt introducing the program you could see the hurt she was suffering moo Hail Hail


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